Our Passion for Community Festivals and Events

Over the years, Storm Boy Productions have generated a solid body of work with community festivals and events. Assisting councils, community organisations, businesses and others to create exceptional events both big and small. From large-scale New Years Eve celebrations, to Youth Festivals, Film Festivals, Fundraisers, Cultural Camps and more, we can turn your creative vision into a success.

We are passionate about community development and community engagement and this passion underpins and guides our work practices. We understand that these principles drive the success and sustainability of community festivals and events and our vision is to assist in achieving these aims.

We are adept at working in collaboration with other production companies and can compliment existing arrangements to fill in the gaps where needed. Alternatively, our holistic bank of expertise, and ability to provide a range of superior projection and audio-visual equipment, can make us a one-stop-shop for all your event management needs.

Our varied work history in managing community festivals and events has required us to work in a wide range of contexts. As such we are as experienced at working respectfully with indigenous and community groups as we are at working proficiently with large businesses and corporate organisations.

Community Festivals Spirit

We take each event as a unique opportunity to create something special and pride ourselves on attention to detail.

  • Youth Festivals
  • Film Festivals
  • Fundraisers
  • New Year Eve Celebrations
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