LED screens – exciting new projection possibilities.

Rapidly improving LED screens and their technology are offering exciting new projection avenues and possibilities. At Storm Boy Productions we offer modular P8 and P6 outdoor all weather LED screens in custom configurations to suite your production requirements.

We specialise in providing LED screens that are weather resistant. Our LED screens are used for sporting events, music festivals, advertising, exhibitions, dance parties and outdoor cinema. This form of projection technology offers great flexibility in its application as it can be used at any time of the day or night. Our LED screens put out up to 6000 nits, which provides a great image even on a beautiful midsummers day.

Alternatively, our screens can be used for large-scale indoor purposes giving you a superior, non-spliced image over an LCD video wall installation – ideal for conferences, exhibitions, concerts or creative stage design.

By choosing to complement a LED screen installation with our video production live feed services, you can provide your audience with the inclusive experience they are looking for, however large the event.

LED Screen Benefits

A screen installation you can provide new projection avenues and possibilities. Below is just some of the great gains.

  • Weather Resistant
  • Custom Configurations
  • Day or Night Applications