Live Feed Video Screening Solutions

Its never fun when your stuck at the back and can’t quite see the action. Live feed video screening is the perfect solution to this dilemma, ensuring that every audience member leaves feeling satisfied.

Live feed services can turn any event into a visual spectacle by offering a larger than life experience to every person in the crowd.

At Storm Boy Productions, our video production team can create an intimate atmosphere through providing a multi-camera live video stream that captures the heart of your event. This, combined with our custom all weather LED screens ensures that everyone is a part of the action.

Recent developments in social media applications also mean that the live stream footage of your event need not be constrained to your venue.

Live Video Feed Advantages

We can assist you to explore the possibility of streaming your event online for maximum coverage.

  • Multi-Camera Live Video
  • Custom All Weather LED Screens
  • AIRSCREEN Applications
Storm Boy Productions live feed film production