Video Productions that Engage and Inspire

Throughout the ages, mankind has strived to communicate. To share stories, to pass on knowledge and to be understood. Today, video production technologies have turned the art of storytelling into a medium of incredible power and influence. When moving images, spoken narratives and music are manipulated and arranged effectively to express a central idea or journey, video production becomes a most powerful tool of communication and expression.

Storm Boy Productions has worked extensively in a wide range of storytelling contexts through the creation of video productions that engage and inspire.

From cultural and environmental documentary films in the Torres Straits and Cape York to corporate, promotional and educational videos in Sydney and metropolitan areas, our focus is always on communicating your message effectively and efficiently.

At Storm Boy Productions, we can work with you at any stage of the production process. Our aim is to express your vision through clear communication and a deadline driven workflow.

We offer video production services in a wide variety of locations, including the Northern Rivers, Sydney, Cape York and everywhere in between. Our video production products can be created at 4K Cinema quality, to be output for broadcast, online content or DVD authoring and production, ensuring maximum impact for your project.

Storm Boy Productions’ video production services have assisted indigenous organisations to create a sustainable and financially viable future, we have ensured ongoing funding for important community projects, we have raised brand awareness through creating film products for social media streaming and have promoted events through the creation of television commercials and more.

Video Production Know-How

At Storm Boy Productions, our mission is to ensure that our video production services serve to communicate your message effectively, professionally and on schedule.