The Engaging Power of Education & Workshops

When it comes to working with young people, you can’t go past the engaging power of video production. And let’s face it, the youth of today are already so immersed in technology in their day-to-day life, that their transition into the world of video production is often natural and seamless. Whether using phones, tablets, go pros’ or a complete video production kit, the creative applications of video production in an educational setting are only as limited as your imagination.

Whether in school, or as part of a youth services program, Storm Boy Productions are experienced at delivering educational workshops to young people of all ages. We we offer practical and hands on experience in all stages of the video production process, including filming, sound and music recording, clay and stop animation.

Education & Workshop Video Abilities

Here at Storm Boy Productions, we view the Education and Workshops arm of our operations as our opportunity to give back and share the limitless opportunities that can be explored and created through multi-media and the ever-changing world of new technologies.

  • Video Production
  • Sound and Music Recording
  • Clay and Stop Animation